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4 Reasons to Install Solar Panels on the Roof of Your Home

These days, more and more homeowners across the country are switching to solar energy. Kansas has had some trouble in the past adapting to renewable energy, particularly solar power. However, the state has recently become increasingly involved with clean energy strategies, and more residents are switching to solar power than ever before.

The experts at Balmer Roofing & Solar install solar panels on roofs of homes and businesses throughout Kansas City because they want to help their community and the planet as a whole. Read on to learn why solar energy is the best choice for your home, and call the experts today to learn about solar roofing services in Kansas City, KS.

1. Lower Your Energy Bill in Kansas City, KS

Pulling energy from the sun instead of the area’s energy grid can save Kansas City residents up to $1,000 a year on their electricity bills. If your solar panels generate more energy than your household consumes, you can sell that energy to a local utility company and make some money from your investment.

2. Reduce Pollution in Kansas City, KS

To generate electricity for the power grid, utility companies burn fossil fuels that create gases that are harmful to humans, wildlife, and the planet. Solar power is one of the cleanest forms of energy available today. As more homes and businesses begin using renewable energy, Kansas City will become less dependent on fossil fuels and have a less harmful impact on the environment.

3. Solar Rebates and Incentives in Kansas

Kansas has implemented several programs to incentivize home and business owners to stop using grid energy and switch to solar power. These programs make solar installations more affordable for property owners and make it possible for them to save money in the future. Some of the solar energy incentives Kansas City, KS, residents can take advantage of include:

  • Clean energy tax credit: Those who install a solar system on their property between 2022 and 2032 are eligible for a 30% tax credit.
  • Tax exemption: Property owners who install solar panels on their property can apply to have their renewable energy equipment exempt from property tax for ten years.
  • Energy-Efficient Mortgage Program: Homeowners can add the cost of renewable energy equipment to their mortgage to make it more affordable to install solar panels on their roofs.

Solar energy won’t just save you money on your electricity bills; it also raises your home's value when you’re ready to sell it. Homeowners who install solar panels see a value increase of roughly $15,000 on their property. In addition, homes with solar systems tend to sell faster than those connected to the power grid.

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If you live in Kansas City, KS, and want to install solar panels on your roof, the experts at Balmer Roofing & Solar can help. They offer fast, efficient solar installation, roof replacement services, and more. Contact the Balmer Roofing & Solar team in Kansas City KS, today with any questions or concerns.

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