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How To Handle Algae on the Roof of Your Home in Kansas City

Algae on roofs can cause detrimental damage to a property over time. Spores grow in moist environments and thrive inside gutters and between asphalt shingles. Balmer Roofing & Solar contractors specializing in roof replacement in Kansas City, KS, explain how to eliminate this unsightly vegetation.

How Does Algae Damage a Roof?

Algae is a common problem for homeowners in Kansas City. If you notice black streaks forming across your roof, start planning your restoration immediately. 

Spores can multiply quickly, especially if there is an ample source of limestone filler or standing water nearby. Algae can appear as:

  • Mossy green patches
  • Gunky black masses
  • Uneven discoloration across the roof

Algae can slowly eat away at your roof decking and shingles, causing wood rot. Hence, ignoring algae may compromise the structural integrity of your home and reduce its curb appeal.

Using Bleach and Water

You can use conventional bleach products and water to remove algae on roofs. Spray down your Kansas City roof with a garden hose before applying this solution. A layer of moisture will protect the surface from bleach stains and deterioration.

You should also cover your plants and garden beds with a tarp or plastic covering to reduce collateral damage.

Don’t power wash your roof to rinse or remove algae. Pressurized water can damage your shingles and require expensive repairs.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Alternatively, you can mix water with oxidized bleach to remove algae from roofs. This solution targets algae growth with hydrogen peroxide. 

You may need to gently scrub your shingles to remove discoloration with oxidized bleach liquid or powder. Still, this method is a more eco-sustainable solution compared to using conventional household cleaners.

Hire a Roofing Professional

DIY roof restorations can be dangerous if you don’t have the right skills or equipment. It’s always best to hire a roofing professional to do the work for you. They will safely inspect your shingles and gutters for algae and deploy cost-efficient solutions to protect your Kansas City home.

Keeping Mold Off the Roof

You can prevent future mold growth by keeping up roof maintenance year-round.

Check and clean your gutters so algae cannot grow under dead leaves or in standing water. It’s also a good idea to trim trees or shrubs hanging over your roof. Algae thrives in the shade, and vegetation can encourage spore growth. 

You should hire a roofing specialist to redirect your downspouts, check your flashings, and install copper strips above your decking to ensure that water runs off the roof during storms. These methods prevent algae from taking root between shingles.

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