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How to Repair Roof Flashing in Kansas City

Roof flashing is an important component of any roof. It prevents water from leaking through and covers seams and gaps that shingles cannot reach. Over time, you'll need to replace or repair roof flashing.

Roof flashing is not always visible, so it's easy to overlook, but these sheets of metal or vinyl are one of your main defenses against leaks. You can avoid major issues with your roof if you fix misaligned or corroded flashing as soon as possible.

When you need trusted roof repair in Kansas City, turn to Balmer Roofing & Solar. This local roofing company can address any roof problems you might have.

Dangers of Faulty Roof Flashing

When roof flashing begins to wear out, a variety of problems can spring up. Water damage is one of the main things you'll want to watch out for. 

If flashing becomes loose, cracked, or corroded, water can slip through the cracks and enter your home. Leaks are usually visible in attics and upper floors, but they can appear anywhere as water seeps through the ceiling and walls. 

In addition to being annoying, this is also dangerous. For example, faulty roof flashing can cause rot and mold, which weaken the structure of your house and cause serious health problems.

How to Repair Roof Flashing

You can repair and replace roof flashing before extensive damage occurs. Act immediately if you spot small leaks in your home.

Flashing appears at several points around a roof. It often surrounds chimneys, vent pipes, and skylights, as well as corners, edges, and other junctions where shingles overlap.

To repair roof flashing, you can apply a patch or a small amount of roofing cement to the damaged area. Fill small holes and cracks with caulk and roofing cement.

For bigger gaps, you should clean and sand the affected panel, then secure a patch over the hole. The material of the patch and flashing should match. Finally, use more roofing cement to affix and cover the patch.

Replacing Roof Flashing in Kansas City

Replacing roof flashing is a bit more complicated. You'll need to remove the damaged flashing as well as the surrounding shingles. Removing and reinstalling everything is tricky, especially if there are loose nails, misaligned panels, and other complications. 

Call a roofing contractor if you're dealing with this type of project. It's better to get it done right the first time.

Get Professional Roofing Help in Kansas City from Balmer Roofing & Solar

It might sound like anyone could repair roof flashing, but this isn't the case. Poor installation can result in damaged roofs. This isn't a job for beginners, especially because it's dangerous to work on elevated, tilted surfaces. 

If you have severely damaged roof flashing, you might even need to fix the entire roof. Consider roof repair or roof replacement if this is the case.

Contact the experts at Balmer Roofing & Solar if you have questions about shingles, flashing, or any other roof components in Kansas City, KS.

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