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Why Calling a Roofing Company Is Much Better Than DIY

A roof is one of the most critical aspects of a home and also one of the most vulnerable as well. It can receive a lot of damage that goes unnoticed until there are very obvious signs inside the home. Once you see those signs, it's key to take care of the problem as quickly as possible to avoid further problems. 

Many homeowners are tempted to tackle these repairs on their own instead of hiring a roofing company to do the job. While this is possible, it often turns out poorly for the homeowner. Check out these reasons it's better to work with a roofing contractor. 

Extended Project Timeline

Fixing a roof is not generally a very easy project. It typically involves a lot of steps that each take a significant amount of time. A whole job can last more than a week depending on how severe the damage is. 

When you're trying DIY roof repair, this timeline is likely to extend even further if you're fitting in the work around your other responsibilities. And it's not like you can comfortably live without a functioning roof for very long, so this can become a big problem. A professional team knows how to move quickly and get jobs done much faster without many delays. 

Intricate Skills Needed

Every good roof is made up of a couple of different layers of materials. These work together to create a solid barrier to keep the interior of your home protected from the elements. It's important to keep these layers intact, no matter if repairs are done which can be a very difficult job. 

Those who do professional roof repairs have all of the skills needed to patch repairs into a roof without making them noticeable. Every layer will be able to do its job without any issues and your roof will look amazing. 

Void Insurance Coverage 

Roof replacement can be a huge investment for a homeowner, which is why most try to utilize a homeowners insurance policy to cover some (or all) of the cost. 

When you fix roof damage on your own, you can void that insurance coverage for the future. The insurance company doesn't have a way to validate that your repairs were done correctly and guarantee that the roof is solid. So when a major issue comes along, they likely won't approve of paying for a replacement or more repairs. 

So while you may save money upfront, it could cost you big in the future. 

Work with a Roofing Company Today 

When you decide to work with a roofing company instead of doing repairs on your own, you'll feel a lot of relief. Not only will you avoid having to do all of the rough work of making the repairs, but you can also trust the end result as well. Working with a reputable company means the work is guaranteed and you know you're covered no matter what. 

Our team of roofing professionals has helped countless families fix or replace their roofs with full confidence. If you're interested in seeing what we can do for your roof, contact us today! 

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Highly recommend Steve at Balmer Roofing and Solar! With his free inspection, assessment, and “No Contact” needed service he was able to prove to my husband and I that we had damage and helped us through the claims process after first being denied and getting us a upgraded roof swiftly and without headache.
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I can not recommend Balmer roofing enough! We worked with Steve and he is phenomenal. The experience was so easy, he took care of everything and explained everything along the way. His communication is top notch. Highly highly recommend them.
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Very professional and responsive! They looked at my roof the day after calling, then came again when the insurance adjuster came out. Insurance was approved, and they replaced my roof the following week. The crew was fast and they cleaned up very well. I don't think you can get any better than this.
Megan Livingston
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