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    Roof Repair Specialists in Kansas City, KS

    If your roof leaks, don't wait to call the reliable specialists at Balmer Roofing & Solar for Kansas City roof repair. 

    Roof repairs in Tonganoxie

    You count on your home's roof to keep your family safe and dry. At the first sign of a leak or damage, it's vital to call a roofing contractor to make repairs. Taking care of problems early can help you avoid a more expensive roof replacement, not to mention more widespread damage to your home. The Kansas City roof repair specialists of Balmer Roofing & Solar, a locally-owned 5-star roofing company, are ready to fix your leaky roof and give you peace of mind. 

    If extreme weather damages your roof, we are here to help. Call us today to schedule a free inspection and estimate for storm damage roof repair

    Don't Let a Damaged Roof Get Worse

    Living in Kansas City, KS, we are no strangers to extreme weather. Wind storms, heavy rain, hail, and even lightning strikes can take a toll on your roof. Even a few missing shingles can lead to leaks that can cause widespread damage if you don't address them right away.

    As storm restoration and emergency repair experts, we have seen firsthand the impact that severe weather can have on a roof. In many cases, you may not even realize your roof has damage until you find roofing materials in the yard, see water spots on the ceiling, or find water puddles indoors. 

    The sooner you call for an inspection and roof repair, the better. The average cost for repairs is significantly less than a roof replacement, and fixing leaks, missing shingles, and other problems helps extend its lifespan. If the damage spreads unchecked, a roof replacement may be the only option to ensure safety.

    Professional Storm Damage Inspections

    No two roof repairs in Kansas City, KS, are the same. Metal roofs and tile roofs, for example, can sustain different damage than shingle roofs, and the same storm can affect multiple roofs in the same neighborhood in different ways. That's why you need a certified specialist to inspect your roof after a storm to identify problems that might not be immediately obvious. Balmer Roofing & Solar's storm restoration and roof repair team is licensed in Kansas and Johnson County and will perform a free inspection and safely repair or replace your roof. 

    Storm damage to your roof isn't always easy to see at first glance. Schedule an inspection to be sure you don't need hail damage roof repair after a storm. 

    Call Balmer Roofing & Solar for Kansas City Roof Repair

    We are your roof repair specialists in Kansas City, and you can expect excellence in everything we do. You can expect a fair and honest inspection and estimate and superior craftsmanship using only the highest-quality materials. The Balmer team is here when you need us most, with fast response times and same-day quotes.

    For affordable roof repairs on your Kansas City, KS, home, call Blamer Roofing & Solar at 913-845-5252.

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    What Our Customers Are Saying

    Highly recommend Steve at Balmer Roofing and Solar! With his free inspection, assessment, and “No Contact” needed service he was able to prove to my husband and I that we had damage and helped us through the claims process after first being denied and getting us a upgraded roof swiftly and without headache.
    Ashli Green
    I can not recommend Balmer roofing enough! We worked with Steve and he is phenomenal. The experience was so easy, he took care of everything and explained everything along the way. His communication is top notch. Highly highly recommend them.
    Heather Hoffman
    Very professional and responsive! They looked at my roof the day after calling, then came again when the insurance adjuster came out. Insurance was approved, and they replaced my roof the following week. The crew was fast and they cleaned up very well. I don't think you can get any better than this.
    Megan Livingston
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