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    Solar Roofing in Kansas City, KS

    Thinking about switching to solar roofing? Call Balmer Roofing & Solar in Kansas City for the best residential and commercial solar roof installation.

    Solar Roofing in Kansas City

    With energy prices increasing, you're probably looking for ways to cut monthly bills and reduce your carbon footprint. There's also a good chance it's time to start thinking about replacing your roof. You can do all these things with one call when you reach out to Balmer Roofing & Solar in Kansas City, KS. As a local 5-star roofing company, we encourage homeowners who are looking to replace their existing roofs to install solar roofing at the same time. 

    Solar panels aren't just for homes. Balmer Roofing & Solar is also a leading commercial roofing contractor and can help you with all your business roofing needs. 

    Why Now is the Perfect Time to Invest in Solar Panels 

    Installing solar shingles on your roof is an easy, environmentally friendly way to reduce your energy bills. Most homeowners save up to $1,000 per year on their electricity costs each year and enjoy tax credits and incentives that offset the cost of the investment.

    Adding solar panels can also increase the value of your home. Homes with solar panels sell faster than those without them and sell for about $15,000 more.

    Save Time and Money 

    Solar panels typically last about 25-30 years, which is about the same lifespan as shingle roofs. When the experienced roofing contractors of Balmer Roofing & Solar install both simultaneously, you don't have to worry about removing and reinstalling the solar panels to replace your roof in a few years. Plus, thanks to Balmer's up to 50-year warranty on labor and products and storm restoration and emergency services, you can rest assured that you're covered if something ever goes wrong.

    When you trust Balmer Roofing & Solar for your solar roof shingles, the project begins with a full inspection of your existing roof. Our certified contractors provide accurate and fair assessments and let you know if your existing roof can accommodate solar panels.

    You can expect superior craftsmanship using only the highest-quality products in the industry. Once the new roof is in place, we install the solar panels. The arrays protect and preserve your roof, with extra care given to the attachment points to prevent leaks.

    Do you need a new roof before installing solar panels? Call us about roof replacement services today.

    Choose Balmer Roofing & Solar for Your Solar Upgrade

    If it's time to replace the roof on your home in Kansas City, KS, consider adding solar panels at the same time. Balmer is the name to trust for Kansas City solar roofing because we have years of experience and offer comprehensive parts and labor warranties to protect your investment. When you work with our team, we guarantee accountability, honesty, and fair value for every square foot of solar panels.

    Call Balmer Roofing & Solar at 913-845-5252 and let the experts show you the advantages of solar roofing.

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    What Our Customers Are Saying

    Highly recommend Steve at Balmer Roofing and Solar! With his free inspection, assessment, and “No Contact” needed service he was able to prove to my husband and I that we had damage and helped us through the claims process after first being denied and getting us a upgraded roof swiftly and without headache.
    Ashli Green
    I can not recommend Balmer roofing enough! We worked with Steve and he is phenomenal. The experience was so easy, he took care of everything and explained everything along the way. His communication is top notch. Highly highly recommend them.
    Heather Hoffman
    Very professional and responsive! They looked at my roof the day after calling, then came again when the insurance adjuster came out. Insurance was approved, and they replaced my roof the following week. The crew was fast and they cleaned up very well. I don't think you can get any better than this.
    Megan Livingston
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