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Why Your Roof Is Leaking Around Vent Pipe in Kansas City

If you have noticed a water stain on your ceiling, your roof's vent pipes may have sprung a leak. Though you might first notice this problem by the presence of water in your attic, you will eventually see water spots on your ceiling. This indicates that you need immediate repair services to prevent further water damage to your home. 

Luckily, a problem with a roof leaking around the vent pipe is not only common but also easy to fix. The professionals at Balmer Roofing & Solar, a premier roof repair service in Kansas City, put together this guide to explain why vent pipe leaks begin and how to fix them.

What Is a Vent Pipe?

A vent pipe is either a metal or plastic column that you can see extending a couple of inches above your roof. The primary purpose of this component is to create an exit where gas and fumes can escape, improving your Kansas City home's indoor air quality. The origin point of these pipes is most frequently the kitchen stove exhaust or the bathroom. 

Causes of Roof Leaking Around Vent Pipe in Kansas City, KS

One of the most frequent causes of a roof leaking around vent pipes is harsh weather or routine wear and tear. When a severe storm hits, the piping material or watertight seal surrounding the place where the pipe and roof meet may become damaged. Here are the top three areas of a vent pipe where damage may occur:

  • Rubber seal: The rubber seal is the waterproof sealant that creates a barrier between the hole in your roof and the outside of the pipe itself. If this seal breaks, it will leak and thus cause water damage. 
  • Storm collar: The storm collar's position is directly above the rubber seal. It is an upside-down bowl that slows down water during storms, preventing rain from pooling on the rubber seal and thus damaging it.
  • Vent flashing: This is the plastic or metal flashing that lays flat on the roof around the vent pipe (normally below the first layer of roofing material). If this flashing rusts or breaks, water will leak under the roof.

No matter which problem has led to your vent pipe leaking, the leak can quickly lead to the need for expensive repairs. Forty percent of building problems stem from water leaks, which normally originate in the roof. These issues can cause structural damage and mold growth.

Kansas City's Premium Roofing Contractor | Balmer Roofing & Solar

If you suspect your roof is leaking around the vent pipe, contact a professional roofing company ASAP to help. One of Kansas City's best contractors is Balmer Roofing & Solar. With over 40 years of combined experience and specialty in repairing storm and emergency damages, Balmer Roofing & Solar can patch up your vent pipe leak in no time. 

Check out why calling a roofing company is much better than DIY, or call Balmer Roofing & Solar for help with your roofing project today. 

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